Used Car Dealer License Consultation & Dealer Education Services you can count on

We Do It All

Our previous projects include both new dealer license construction and dealer license repairs/restorations. Our goal is to get you operational at the level you desire. And, we can also plan, manage, and build expansion licenses for all sorts of clients.

We do it all.

Private Dealer Class

We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes a private class, application creation, staffing licenses, on-site account creation, and solid, quality education every time. 

Why Choose Us?

We work with a team of 12 experienced instructors to produce top notch work. Call today and we’ll bring our automotive industry experience to your dealer license project.

Your Staff

We offer staff training that includes licensing all of your staff and to provide them with an understanding of the dealership process unmatched in California. 

Let’s Start Your Dealership

We keep an eye on everything,  private class, EIN, resale permit, LLC or corporate creation, and we work closely to create NMVTIS & electronic ROS accounts. Our dealer forms kit helps you nail the dreaded DMV Inspection visit.

We can even simulate the actual DMV inspection for you